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I compose music to inspire happiness, create a home of solace, and bring about positive change. I desire to use my vision and passion for dramatic music to bring out in others the excitement, joy, and sense of purpose that I feel through art. Music is an untouchable solace in human life, and a fellow feeling for the remainder of days and nights. Music is a guide to those in darkness and a mystical escape for those feeling trapped in an unfit reality, and it is my truth of dreams, hope, connection to all life, and true emotion, that helps others find theirs.

I work with visions through instruments and words, in whichever ways awaken my inner truth and story, channeling truths I want addressed, thinking of a melody, and feeling what the notes say, whereas I am not thinking of how to play, rather how to heal. I sometimes feature bass, as bass vibrations feel like heartbeat and soul, like what gives us life, and I use piano to give a grand, wholesome sound, as it portrays connection to life and nature. I give myself no bounds, for each piece should be as involved, raw, and true as human experience is with life and nature.

My current work evolves as my heart combines with fantasy and meaningful story, and as I enliven my ability to express my truth, what truly matters in life, and connecting my truth to film and TV leaves me determined to contribute something special. I challenge others to keep the connection between themselves and all life, drop preconceptions that make us feel incomplete; I guide others to feel the deepest emotion from my work that resonates with them to find their truth, their dreams and emotions that make them human, that would otherwise make them feel isolated.

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